Things are getting exciting

If you’ve been watching the news from the Middle East you know that things are warming up over there. I don’t mind the trouble, I just don’t want them to close their borders so I can’t get there. Only 11 more days. If our State Dept denies US citizen’s travel to Israel I will have to consider what to do. However, I don’t expect things to get that bad in 11 days.

Hello, Oreo Gurl. Loved your comment. Stay tuned…   

One thought on “Things are getting exciting

  1. Shannon Kantor

    I just wanted to say Hello! Keep me up to date on your travel plans. Take some pictures and send them to me, please. Work is work you know how it goes here at Colinx. Best wishes and I will keep you in my prayers for a safe journey.

    -Oreo gurl

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