Things are coming together

I have been waiting for everything to fall into place for my next step before writing again on this blog. But I decided to go ahead and tell what I know at this time before I fly out to California next Tuesday to spend a week with Seth.

I have been emailing back and forth to my friends in Israel. The couple I stayed with two summers ago have again invited me to stay with them for an indefinite period. Also, some friends who have a long-term lease on a large apartment have offered to let me stay in Bethlehem since they are not in the country at this time.

Lots of stuff up in the air: I am in contact with a Christian school in Jerusalem. I’d love to live in Jerusalem but this is not a sure thing. I’m also in touch with a school in Izmir, Turkey, but this is not a sure thing either at this time.

A few days ago I received a contract to teach at a university in Xi’an China. I am working through the terms of the contract to see what they are really offering. Chinese contracts are not very clear and a person needs to be careful he understands exactly what is being offered (even though it is in English the wording could mean lots of different things).

I have applied to the local college as an assistant professor and they said they would let me know in a few weeks. I did this just in case I needed a fall-back possibility.

Israel won’t allow someone in the country unless he arrives with a round-trip ticket. However, since I’m not returning to the U.S. I don’t want a round-trip ticket. So, I’ve faxed the Israeli Embassy in Washington, DC asking for a waiver of this provision. Hopefully, I’ll know something next week.

So, lots of things waiting…I’ll keep you informed.

One thought on “Things are coming together

  1. Theresa

    One way ticket??? Oh-oh—they could red flag you, you know. What, with your kind smile and love for Jesus and all….

    Seriously…We’re living vicariously through your international travel plans.

    We’ve decided that we love the idea of going abroad but Waldorf-Astoria style.

    Keep us posted!

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