The 2 Levels of an Education

When you homeschool your children, make sure you cover both levels of education.

Base Level Knowledge: This is the knowledge every child needs in order to adequately function in a 21st Century world. Here is a partial list of the ones I consider most important (my book Gifted: Raising Children Intentionally goes into detail about each of the following):

  • Holding a biblical worldview. Regarding every issue of life, the question should be asked, “Does God have an opinion about this and, if so, has that opinion been expressed clearly enough so there is no debate as to what God thinks?”
  • Having a genuine interest in others. This cannot be taught, but is learned by parental example.
  • Learning financial wisdom & being exposed to the option of personal entrepreneurship.
  • Learning to think critically. Having at least a rudimentary understanding of why people draw the conclusions they do.
  • Valuing hard work.
  • Learning to write well including the use of proper grammar.
  • Being comfortable speaking before a group.
  • Understanding the proper use of digital media and being exposed to alternate venues for doing research.
  • Reading for pleasure.
  • Developing habits that make one’s life more efficient, including habits of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Learning the concepts of basic math.
  • Learning the basic concepts of scientific discovery.
  • Learning gender-specific skills.
  • Practicing test-taking skills.
  • Having a “touch of class”, including being exposed to classical art and music.
  • Being exposed to other cultures (i.e. travel).

What you should have noticed in the above list is that many (if not most) are not included in the curriculum taught in government schools. Most of the above can become part of a child’s internal life by the time the child reaches his/her teen years.

Beyond Basic Level Knowledge: These are the years during which you allow the child’s individual giftings/callings to express themselves and mature. Again, my book, Gifting: Raising Children Intentionally was written to demonstrate that we can, and we must, provide the resources and the time for each child to excel in those very specific spheres God has placed within the child for him/her to enter the world and influence it in excellence for His purposes.

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