Lazy Days

I’ve been in CA with Seth for a couple of days now. Seth and his roommates have a great apartment with a patio that looks out over the Sacramento River. We eat on the patio and watch the sunset during supper which, so far, has been steaks grilled by Seth.

All the guys work hard, but are totally relaxed. Nobody is stressed-out here. Everyone sleeps late and then works on and off all day and even into the night unless they have guests or go to a movie or play nigh-time tennis or cards.

Yesterday afternoon Seth took a break and we played some tennis. Then I sat in the hot tub and we swam in the pool. Last night some friends came over and we played cards.

Laid back.

Still, I’m eager to get on to Israel!

Oh, yeah. I just received an email from the principal of a school just east of Cairo asking for an interview.

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