It’s Taken Far Too Long

It’s taken far too long…

…but the voices demanding educational reform are finally gaining traction with an ever increasing audience. People are listening, nodding their heads, and agreeing with what they hear.

The criticism of government schooling comes from two unlikely allies: On the one hand, internationally recognized educators giving TED talks and, on the other hand, young students exploiting YouTube to criticize their own education, often crudely out of frustration; but, more often quite articulately (for only one example, watch this). As these expressions of reform go viral, let’s hope this small earthquake will produce a tsunami that sweeps away many long-established ideas of how the next generation should be educated.

What are the main issues? They are: 1) Government-run education, as it has long been practiced, is largely irrelevant to the futures of most young people; and, 2) Due to the need for government-run schools to operate efficiently, they ignore the uniquenesses of the individual, uniquenesses which must become an integral part of every student’s education if that education is going to serve him or her as adults.

It is not difficult to predict a major growth in the number of homeschooling families as the culture continues its rapid worldview shift, a worldview increasingly working its way into the public school curricula and which is largely unacceptable to many parents. If you have read any of my previous posts, you will understand why I believe the growth I anticipate will occur largely for the wrong reasons.

As homeschooling grows, many of the nation’s best students will pull out of the government school systems and this will so alarm local and state governments they will begin reacting with ever more punitive measures against homeschooling families.

About 25 years ago, before most of you began homeschooling and before some of you were even born, I commented that homeschooling might eventually become illegal; or, if not illegal, it would become so intensely controlled, only those parents who were homeschooling for the right reasons would put up with the government’s increasing and increasingly intrusive requirements.

My plea to all homeschooling parents is that, in your home, you not replicate the public school in any way. As John Gatto, former New York State Teacher of the Year has said, “Find out what the public school does and do anything else.”

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