Homeschooling or Lifeschooling?

I rarely use this venue to promote a conference, but this one is different.

Many of us who helped pioneer the Homeschooling Movement now use the phrase “Lifeschooling” to distinguish what we did from what many contemporary homeschoolers are doing today.

The Conference is called “WINGS: LIFESCHOOLING CONFERENCE AND ACTIVITIES FAIR. Merging LIFE with Homeschooling” and it takes place in Matthews, NC on July 7-9.

Speakers include: Israel Wayne, Wendy Rhondina, Chalanda Frazier, Dr. Frank Turek, Mark & Lisa Metzger, and Danielle Papageorgiou.

My book, Gifted: Raising Children Intentionally will be your free gift when you sign up for the Conference.

GO HERE for all the Conference details!

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