First, I Need to Set This Up

My last post ended with me saying I would next write about The 4 Beliefs and The 2 Tyrannies.

However, in order to make sense of what I will write, I have to set up that post with a Preface:

Many of my readers know I often substitute teach at the local high school. I enjoy the students and they seem to enjoy me. We have a good relationship for some rather obvious reasons.

The other day I was asked to substitute in the infamous class known as I.S.S.

I.S.S. stands for “In-School Suspension” and is the room the “bad” students are put because schools no longer suspend students to their homes since many students don’t have a parent at home to receive them.

After spending an entire day with these misfits, I told the secretary (whose job it is to hire substitutes), “I don’t ever need to be in that class again!”

She looked surprised. “I thought you would be the perfect one to keep them in line.”

“Not really,” I told her. “I identify too much with them. When I was their age, I would have been in I.S.S. if there had been such a place back then. I can’t be the authoritarian figure you all need me to be, so you will just have to find someone else who can.”

For several days I was troubled. I felt the Lord’s displeasure that I had not consulted Him and, so, I told Him, “If You really want me back with those kids, I will go. I will probably get fired if I do, because I think I know why You want me there, so just make it obvious and I will do it.”

Within a few days, the secretary called mid-morning telling me a teacher had a family emergency and had to leave school. Could I please come in? I said I would.

Moments later, the secretary called back.

“I know you told me you never wanted to go back into I.S.S., but if you would just this once, we really do need you.”

I took a deep breath. I was ready.

“I’m on my way” I responded.

As school had started, the I.S.S. students were already in the room when I arrived. Most of them knew me from previous classes and they greeted me warmly.

I sat down at the teacher’s desk and turned to them.

“OK, guys,” I said, “It’s time an adult finally told you what is really going on around here.”

I had their attention.

To be continued…

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