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Get Lost

Why is it so important to stop and smell the roses? To keep stopping and keep smelling the roses?

Because the journey is much more important than the destination.

With the advent of GPS, it’s almost impossible to get lost these days. But, not getting lost keeps us from accidentally stumbling upon so many adventures that could make life interesting.

Homeschoolers tend to schedule their children’s days such that the kids never have time to wander and explore and wonder. Instead of giving them a microscope and telling them to go outside, we spend their lives in the predictable, those unchanging and unchallenging tasks that arrest natural curiosity.

Along life’s journey, allow yourself to get lost from time to time. The temporary feeling of insecurity you will have while wondering where you are cannot compare to the joy you will have when you find yourself.

If you stop to smell the roses, the world may rush right past you. They will arrive at the destination before you do. But they will have missed the scent that awaits those who stop and linger. And smell the roses.

The journey really is more important than the destination.

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