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Call it like it is

I hold in my hand a Scope and Sequence Chart from A Beka Book Company, which has been one of the more popular homeschool curricula for decades. The Chart’s 14 pages contain a detailed list of every requirement necessary to educate a child from age 2 through high school graduation.

It is considered Christian, as are many other popular curricula such as Bob Jones, Alpha-Omega, and A.C.E., to mention only a few.

They may be Christian, but—and this is my personal opinion—I would not consider them Biblical. Why?

Virtually every Christian curriculum begins with a secular worldview of what a child must learn to be considered educated and then the curriculum publisher attempts to infuse that curriculum with Christian principles. We might say the publisher has “Christianized” the traditional, secular academic process.

By contrast, a biblical curriculum begins with a biblical worldview of what a child is and how that child should be raised in order to fulfill his, or her, reason for having been placed on this planet.

Most Christian curricula (though infused with biblical principles) is still the same, basic curricula that any child would face in any public, or private, school in this country.

I am not saying these curricula won’t educate your child. Each has been used successfully by thousands of families and each has produced educated adults. Like any curriculum, one child may thrive using one of these curricula while, for another child, that same curriculum would be tantamount to child abuse. But, this difference is due to the individual child more than to the curriculum being used.

What I am saying is this: If you are using a Christian curriculum as you homeschool your child(ren), is it Biblical? How would you know?

In my new book, Gifted: Raising Children Intentionally (publication scheduled for February, 2014), I attempt to share what I consider to be a biblical worldview regarding what a child is and how to raise (and homeschool) your children for a purpose other than employment or to “become a productive member of society” (the 2 main goals of a public—and most Christian—education).

If you are reading this and would like a free copy of Part One of my book (Part One is entitled “What is a Child?”) simply email me at and include in the subject line “Send Part One” and I will send it to you right away. After reading Part One, I would appreciate any comments you have about what I have to say. Again, the entire book should be available in February of this year as both a paperback and an e-book.

Happy Homeschooling! Chris Davis, your Pioneer Homeschooler

My gift of “thanks” to you all

I only wrote 8 posts last year and, if I can believe the stats I just received, you and 6,700 others from 69 different countries came to this site to read my blog.

I never knew. I am truly humbled!

So, for being such a loyal reader, I would like to send you a draft of Part One of my new book, “Gifted: Raising Children Intentionally”. Part One is tentatively entitled “What is a Child?”

I have decided to put into book form most ofImage the seminars I have given over the years plus some of the material from these blogs plus a few extra insights and stories just for fun.

I will send this to you for free as an email attachment. If interested, simply send your name & email address to In the subject line, enter something like: “Send Part One of Book” and I will get it to you soon.

Again, my humble “thanks” for thinking I have something to share with homeschoolers.

Chris Davis