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The 2 Most Important Questions Parents Don’t Ask

One day, God appeared to a childless woman and told her she would conceive and give birth to a son. The Lord also told her that her son would have a specific purpose for his existence.

When the woman told this to her husband, he asked that the Lord would reappear to them both. When God did this, the man asked God two questions.

It has been my passion for years to get every parent to ask these same two questions.

The son was named Samson and it was his life-mission to deliver Israel from their mortal enemy, the Philistines.

The two questions Samson’s father asked God (even before his son was conceived) can be found in Judges 13:12. The English translation doesn’t provide the same emphasis found in the original Hebrew. Here is my interpretation of the father’s two questions found in this verse:

First question: “What will be the purpose of this child’s existence?”

Second question: “What is our responsibility in raising this child so he will fulfill that purpose?”

For years I have tried to express three truths I strongly believe:

1. God gives us each child He intends us to raise
2. We are to raise each child for a purpose which only God knows
3. If He knows who each child is to become, doesn’t it make sense to ask God the same two questions Samson’s father asked?

Please don’t be like most parents who, mainly from ignorance, fail to ask God these two questions. God is more interested in letting you in on why He created this child than you could possibly imagine!

Can we raise each child to go into the world equipped to fulfill his or her individual life purpose? We can if we know what God knows. We can if we believe He will tell us?

And, He will…