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At some point we must come to terms with the reality that, though generally unintended, government education has become the most pervasive form of legalized child abuse. Instead of education being an invitation to enter a dialog to discover why each of us is on this planet–to discover what each individual has to offer a world that doesn’t know what to do next–public education now serves the function of gate-keeping, the process of sorting the worthy from the unworthy.

Give Them the Time School Steals

I can’t stop thinking about it…

It comes to my mind constantly and I am frustrated that so few parents realize that “school” is actually robbing their children of a future.

I have said this before, but it needs to be repeated until we hear it:

How will our children become proficient in the area in which God has gifted them? THEY MUST BE GIVEN TIME TO BECOME PROFICIENT!

How much time?

Researchers say 5,000 hours spent on a task will create proficiency.

You do the math: That’s 10 YEARS at 2 hours per day (not counting weekends and taking 2 weeks off during the year). Consider that 2 hours per day is about what most public school kids spend doing homework rather than becoming proficient in their area of personal gifting.

Want your child to become (not just proficient but) World-Class in his/her area of personal giftings? Researchers say this takes 10,000 hours! That’s 2 hours per day for 20 YEARS or 4 HOURS PER DAY FOR 10 YEARS.

When do kids have that kind of time today to become proficient (or World-Class) in what they have a heart to do in life?

Do we really respect what God has put in our children to do with their futures? If so, do we make room for those giftings to flourish? Or, do we use up their time with things like “school”?

“I Saw the Angel in the Marble” is Now an Audio Book!

NEW! I SAW THE ANGEL IN THE MARBLE is now an Audio Book.

The printed version of I SAW THE ANGEL IN THE MARBLE is one of’s homeschooling best-sellers. A 5-star book.

Now, I SAW THE ANGEL IN THE MARBLE has been turned into an Audio Book read by Chris Davis.

The audio book even has several added chapters that don’t appear in the printed version!

The entire 1st production of the Audio Book went to Australia. So, Australian homeschoolers, please order HERE

Everyone else, please order HERE

One reader says, “I SAW THE ANGEL IN THE MARBLE serves to inspire and motivate every parent to give the gift of real education to their child or children, and not to settle for mere schooling.”

Another reader writes, “It covers homeschooling from vision to reality and everything in-between.”

Still another reader, “If we’d had a book like this when we began our home education adventure 20 years ago we would have missed numerous pitfalls. If you are just starting or if you need to get a fresh vision for being home with your family, you’ve got to read this book!”

This Audio Book is a must-hear for any homeschooling family. And, it makes a great gift for new homeschoolers or for a homeschool library.