Monthly Archives: March 2009

A Man Complains

A man had walked with the Lord many years when he spoke plainly:

“All these years my road has not been easy. It has contained mostly turns and twists and has rarely been level or smooth. I confess I have always made it to where I was supposed to go, but following the Lord would have been much easier if He had made my path straighter and more level.”

“Again,” said the man, “I have always been concerned for my provision. Would I have enough to survive the future? I confess I have never lacked sufficiency for my needs, but following the Lord would have been much easier if He had seen to it that I never had to concern myself with finances.”

Then the Lord spoke to the man, “It would have been an easy thing for Me to have given you a straight and broad path to walk. And, it would have been an easy thing to have prospered you from the beginning so you never had to give thought to finances. But, I knew you well enough to know that, had I done these things, your life would have been boring—without adventure—and adventure is something you greatly enjoy. Even more important, you would have missed having a fresh and ongoing testimony of seeing my hand at work in your life.”

This was a revelation to the man who never again complained about the path he was walking and was never again anxious about finances. From then on the man eagerly looked forward to each day’s adventure and to the testimony his walk with the Lord would bring.