Monthly Archives: June 2008

Counting down

Now it’s time to go through all my stuff and decide what I really have to take with me. Books, books, and more books. Books are heavy, so I will have to pare down.

On July 8th, I have an interview with the principal of Hayah Academy International in Cairo, Egypt. The principal and I have emailed back and forth and she seems like a really delightful person. I’ll let you know what happens. The interview is 2 days before I leave for Israel on the 10th.

A couple of days ago I had a call from China. The recruiter at the Xi’an Siyuan University said he had reviewed my resume and wanted me to be part of the administration of the university if I was interested. I told him I would have to give it some thought. He asked me to give him my answer before I moved to Israel. I will tell him “no” for now.

Shouts out to the Katy and Mandy at CCP. You guys are a great encouragement! Keep those comments coming…

Since I will fly to Israel from Knoxville, I will leave Crossville a week from tomorrow and spend my last few days with friends in Knoxville. So, this week coming up is my last week in Crossville.

Final 2 weeks

Well, it’s 14 days and counting. I leave Knoxville 2 weeks from today.

It was good being with Seth and his roommates this past week. Really laid back.

Last Saturday night we watched from his patio as lightning set fires all over the hills surrounding Redding. The next few days the sun was an orange disk in a smoked-filled sky. The whole city smelled like one big campfire. Couldn’t spend much time out of doors. But, it was too hot anyway.

Now I’m back in Tennessee with a long “to do” list. Lots to finalize before I leave. I wish I could visit everyone just to say “goodbye”.

Lazy Days

I’ve been in CA with Seth for a couple of days now. Seth and his roommates have a great apartment with a patio that looks out over the Sacramento River. We eat on the patio and watch the sunset during supper which, so far, has been steaks grilled by Seth.

All the guys work hard, but are totally relaxed. Nobody is stressed-out here. Everyone sleeps late and then works on and off all day and even into the night unless they have guests or go to a movie or play nigh-time tennis or cards.

Yesterday afternoon Seth took a break and we played some tennis. Then I sat in the hot tub and we swam in the pool. Last night some friends came over and we played cards.

Laid back.

Still, I’m eager to get on to Israel!

Oh, yeah. I just received an email from the principal of a school just east of Cairo asking for an interview.

In California

I arrived at Seth’s apartment in Calif this morning at 3:30AM my time. A long trip. It’s now about 6PM on Wed evening and the guys are planning a big party tonight. Lots of people with the girls preparing the food. Seth has three roommates. One is married and visiting the church here for a conference. The other two are single,  like Seth. This is a big singles town and they party a lot.

I will probably not be able to keep up tonight since I’m soooo tired: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Well, it’s official. I’ve paid for my ticket and, unless something happens which I’m not expecting, I fly to Israel on July 10th and arrive 36 hours later at 3AM Saturday morning the 12th.

The school in Cairo has asked me to write my philosophy of education and I did that today. I’ll send it off as soon as I finish writing this. I’ve decided to be totally honest and not pull any punches. If they don’t like what I write, too bad. I believe that, for most young people, public (and most private) education is close to child abuse. That doesn’t mean all schools have to be that way. There have to be some that actually try to prepare individuals for their futures. I may never hear from this school again. I’ll let you know.

Seth has just returned from tennis and a dip in the pool. It’s a tough life, but I guess someone has to do it.

Will write later. People are arriving for the party. Whoopie…

To California

I had a great Father’s Day with James and Blake taking me to our favorite Chinese restaurant. Today, I fly to California to spend the week with Seth. When I get back I’ll visit Trina in Atlanta. All this is sort of my “goodbye” to the kids. Did I say “kids”? Trina is now 45, Seth is 27, James is 25 and Blake is 22.

Who is old? Me? When do we ever get too old to do what He is leading us to do and when do we ever get too old to trust Him as we go?

As I get ready to head overseas, James has an airline ticket for New York to show the Big City what he can do. Blake is moving forward toward his dreams and Seth is doing what he loves in California. Of course, Trina is the best in her field. It’s wonderful to see all your children doing what they want to do and be really good at it!

I now have two contracts to teach in China and have had responses from Saudi Arabia, East Timor, UAE, Taiwan, Turkey, Micronesia and Lebanon. And, just a few days ago I had an email from a new school in Cairo asking me to send them my “philosophy of education.” This should be fun…

Some old friends have offered their apartment in Bethlehem and have suggested that there might even be a teaching position in one of the schools in that town. Bethlehem is sort of a “ghost town” right now and housing prices are pretty low. But, I will probably stay with the couple I spent the summer with two years ago. They are great people and lots of fun. Their apartment is in the extreme southern portion of Jerusalem, not far from the northern part of Bethlehem.

I am hoping to be in Israel by the second week of July. I’m trying to figure out a way to get there without having to purchase a round-trip ticket since I don’t plan to be returning to the US for some time (and Israel will not allow a person to enter the country without proof that they will leave within 3 months).

Time to go west. I’ll write more later.

Things are coming together

I have been waiting for everything to fall into place for my next step before writing again on this blog. But I decided to go ahead and tell what I know at this time before I fly out to California next Tuesday to spend a week with Seth.

I have been emailing back and forth to my friends in Israel. The couple I stayed with two summers ago have again invited me to stay with them for an indefinite period. Also, some friends who have a long-term lease on a large apartment have offered to let me stay in Bethlehem since they are not in the country at this time.

Lots of stuff up in the air: I am in contact with a Christian school in Jerusalem. I’d love to live in Jerusalem but this is not a sure thing. I’m also in touch with a school in Izmir, Turkey, but this is not a sure thing either at this time.

A few days ago I received a contract to teach at a university in Xi’an China. I am working through the terms of the contract to see what they are really offering. Chinese contracts are not very clear and a person needs to be careful he understands exactly what is being offered (even though it is in English the wording could mean lots of different things).

I have applied to the local college as an assistant professor and they said they would let me know in a few weeks. I did this just in case I needed a fall-back possibility.

Israel won’t allow someone in the country unless he arrives with a round-trip ticket. However, since I’m not returning to the U.S. I don’t want a round-trip ticket. So, I’ve faxed the Israeli Embassy in Washington, DC asking for a waiver of this provision. Hopefully, I’ll know something next week.

So, lots of things waiting…I’ll keep you informed.