Monthly Archives: June 2006

Go James!

Was just able to get back online to say "Kudos to James" for his opening in the play, Hello Dolly. Only James (23) could pull off playing a 17 year old dufus. But he does get the girl. Go James, you are awesome. I'm so glad to see you back onstage. Your Dad is proud of you and the many comments I received from those around me who  knew who I was me a proud Dad.

Had a call from Israel yesterday which I can't give details on for another couple  of days. Seth and I solicit your prayers and for the same reasons. ~CD

Is that Minnie Pearl or Grandpa Jones?

Had a special treat last night. For years I've turned down invitations to speak at high school graduations. I have been to lots of them and never heard one worth listening to. So, when Ron Scarlata of Family Christian Academy (Nashville) asked me to do their graduation, I told him I would think it over. But, honestly, I didn't expect to say "yes". But a few days later, I felt the Lord wanted me to accept.

I arrived early at the Opryland Hotel and tried to find the location of the graduation ceremony. I walked around and eventually found some men working on a stage in a huge auditorium. It looked like they were preparing for a concert. I asked if they knew where a graduation was to be held and they said, "Right here in this theater." So, that night I spoke to 2,000 people from the stage of the Grand Ole Opry. What a hoot! But it was a lot of fun and my hat goes off to Belinda Scarlata for putting it all together.

Then we had a great meal with the graduates and their families and danced to the kind of music that was popular when I was popular (which means music from a LONG time ago). Got to bed at the Scarlata's at around 1AM. Made it home this afternoon and took a nap. Blake was opening in his play, "Singin in the Rain" and he did a great job. Applause to Blake.

Am still waiting for the Lord to clarify my next move. All I know is that I will know soon and will be leaving Crossville.